St. Joseph's Convent School (Affiliated to CBSE)


St. Joseph’s Convent School is under the management of the Society of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa-a Registered Society. The School is a Minority Educational Institution. Hindi is taught as a second language and is given full importance from the very start, because knowledge of Hindi is essential for a successful career in India. Every student from Std. VI onwards has to learn a third language-Sanskrit. The study of value Education remains obligatory for all students


The Coat of Arms of any organization is expressive of facts in its history. The seal of Carmel has this too, which is full of great significance and meaning, In the center of the shield rises the Holy Mountain of Carmel, the cradle of the order which is symbolic of the Spirit of Prayer, Contemplation, Sacrifice and Austerity. The arm with the flaming sword was adopted in the memory of the Prophet Elijah, our inspirer and model of the order, a man who walked continually in God’s presence and defended the worship of the One True God. The stars above the crown represents the attributes of Our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, whom St. John saw in the Apocalypse under the figure of a woman clothed with the Sun and crowned with 12 Stars.