St. Joseph's Convent School (Affiliated to CBSE)


As persons Consecrated to God and living & working in His Service for the good of His Children and also having the same Charism of our Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, we dedicate ourselves to building the Kingdom of God through the Apostolate of Education

Hence we endeavour to build up a new human society based on the values of universal brotherhood, chalked out for us in the Gospel Teachings, We are consecrated for unselfish love which leads us to work unreservedly for the poor and powerless of the society; to be at the service of others without counting the cost and promoting the quality of the life of the people we serve by getting involved in current issues. To this end our services will be a kingdom-oriented one, giving top priority to the human person through a purification of the current culture, ridding it of all anti-human values, practices, beliefs and traditions.

Our activities and programmes will be directed to make our students and those we serve effective instruments all through life enabling them to build a new society; our education will stress heart values and community values that will promote a new social order liberating and enabling them to become personsĀ  for others so that they will make a valid contribution to building a nation with a civilization of love.


Our curriculum, centred on the Syllabus prescribed by the CBSE, focuses on the individual needs of learners. We wish to nurture global citizens of the 21st century, who will be alert and responsive to vital issues in their own time and space.


1. Creating in the students a deep sense of God and of the brotherhood of men.
2. Personality development and character formation through an all-round education.
3. Creating awareness in the students of the socio economic needs of the country and of the less privileged in a spirit of sharing.